Student Walk-a-thon

A beautiful day for a Walk-a-Thon

Yesterday, Columbia students participated in a Walk-a-thon to raise awareness and money for McMaster Children's Hospital.

Students walked 5km from Hamilton’s Bayfront Park to the Ainsliewood building to show support for Canada’s top pediatric health science centre. Along with raising awareness for this vital institution, students learned what it means to give back to the local community and how their actions will have a positive impact on the lives of children living in Hamilton, and its neighbouring communities.

Thank you to Ms. Sherry for organizing the event and thank you to those students and staff who participated.

To learn more about the McMaster Children’s hospital, visit their website.

The Walk-a-thon, causal days, and athletic tournaments, are some of the many ways Columbia students exemplify good character while supporting Hamilton’s local organizations.