Go Higher with Character

Character Keys

The Character Development Program at Columbia aims to create responsible global citizens and is a large focus of student life. Each month, a different character trait is discussed and integrated into school trips and extracurricular activities. Similar to other major projects at Columbia, students worked with staff in selecting 11 character keys to focus on monthly. They agreed on the following:

• Honesty & Integrity
• Responsibility
• Inclusiveness
• Perseverance
• Optimism
• Fairness
• Caring
• Peaceful & Positive Conflict Resolution
• Respect
• Self-Confidence & Self-Advocacy

Executive Director, Clement Chan, recently spoke about the school-wide Character Development Program, noting that it is under the guidance of world-renowned Education Consultant Dr. Avis Glaze. Mr. Chan further noted that the program was created “in an effort to encourage our students to embody good character in addition to their academic excellence.” Character Development has been well received by students and is just one of the many ways Columbia is maximizing students’ academic potential and equipping them with the values and skills to GO Higher.