University Visits

University visit schedule

University visit schedule

Over the next few months, Columbia will welcome university representatives from post-secondary institutions across Canada to its campus as the fall university visit program begins.

From September to December, university representatives will hold information sessions and will be available to speak with students one-on-one. The information sessions, organized by the University Placement Office (UPO), are the best way for students to explore prospective post-secondary options and learn more about academic programs of interest as well as residence life.

Columbia hosts Ivey Business School

Columbia hosts Ivey Business School

Representatives from Western University’s Ivey School of Business held an information session yesterday afternoon for Columbia students. Students packed the Café to learn about the programs and unique teaching methods used at this world renowned business school.

Ivey representatives introduced Columbia students to life at Ivey and its distinguished “case method” coursework. Students also learned about the school’s Learning Through Action courses which gives students valuable hands on experience and allows them to practice the concepts and theories learned in class.

UManitoba and UAlberta visit Columbia

UManitoba and UAlberta visit Columbia

Columbia students had the opportunity to meet with representatives from two respected Canadian universities yesterday; the University of Manitoba and the University of Alberta. Both schools were present to answer student questions about admissions, scholarships, residence, internships and much more.

The University of Manitoba
Define yourself. Define your future.

University visits begin with York U

University Visits begin with York U

Columbia began its long list of university visits last week when it welcomed York University to its campus. On Sept. 11, a York U representative held an information session for prospective students, discussing everything from program selection to residence life.

Upcoming university visits

Fall 2014 University visits

Columbia is set to welcome over 20 universities from across Canada and abroad to its campus in the upcoming months as it conducts its fall university visit program. Organized by the University Placement Office (UPO), the information sessions are the best way for students to explore prospective post-secondary options and learn more about academic programs of interest as well as residence life. Students will also have the opportunity to ask university representative questions at the end of each session.

Feriado de Março 2013

31 MarchBreak2013.preview.jpg

Estudantes de todo o território de Ontário, e de algumas outras províncias, têm apenas mais alguns poucos dias para aproveitar o tempo tempo livre da escola conforme se aproxima o fim do March Break. Quer os estudantes escolham viajar, visitar a família, ou curtir as atrações da cidade, o feriado de inverno é bem-vindo, já que os permite recarregar as energias e relaxar antes de entrar na época de provas. O Columbia está ajudando os estudantes a aproveitar ao máximo a semana organizando eventos para manter os alunos entretidos e oferecer-lhes experiências únicas.

March Break 2013

March Break 2013

Students across Ontario, and a few other provinces, only have a few more days left to enjoy some time off school as the end of March Break quickly approaches. Whether students chose to travel, visit family, or enjoy attractions around town, the winter break is welcomed as it allows them to recharge and relax before heading into exam season. Columbia is helping students get the most out of the week by organizing events to keep students entertained and offer them unique experiences.

University Visits This Week

University Visits

University visits continued this week as 3 prominent universities stopped by Columbia to hold information sessions. Lakehead University, the University of Waterloo’s Mathematics Department and Queen’s University spoke to students about the different academic programs offered by their respective school. In case you missed them, here is a brief recap;

Lakehead University (Oct.30th)

University of Kent appeals to Columbia Students

University of Kent

A representative from the University of Kent spent a few hours in the Marketplace today to discuss the school’s programs and features with Columbia students. The University of Kent is the “UK’s European university” and has established an international reputation for its academic excellence. A large number of Columbia students apply to Kent each year and it is among the top choice of school outside of Canada. In particular, students prefer the university’s 3-year degree option and are drawn to its Law and Engineering programs.

Upcoming University Visits

University Visits

Over the next few months, students will have the opportunity to attend various information sessions given by university representatives from Canada and abroad. These presentations allow students to learn about each university and the programs they offer. Following each session, representatives will hold a question and answer period for students. Presentations will take place in the Student Café unless stated otherwise. All students are welcome to attend.

Monday, September 24 - Wilfrid Laurier University: 4:00 PM

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