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University education is the best path to success

University education is best path to success

“The best path to career success for Ontario students is still a university degree.” — 2014 Graduate Survey

Columbia and York University expand partnership

Columbia and York University expand partnership

Columbia International College is pleased to announce that it has expanded the conditions of its University Partners® agreement with York University. In addition to the existing four designated entrance scholarships ($2000 each) and priority attention from York’s International Admissions Officers, Columbia students will be offered three added unmatched entrance conditions:

1. IELTS/TOFEL waived for students with:
• 80% or above in ENG4U

University Partner U Waterloo visits Columbia

University Partner U Waterloo visits Columbia

The University of Waterloo recently stopped by Columbia to hold an information session for Columbia students. As an established institution, excelling in research, engineering and technology programs, the University recruits students with good academic standing and passionate individuals to bring forward new and innovative ideas.

Fast Facts
• “Canada’s most innovative university” for the past 23 years
• home to the largest engineering faculty in Canada and largest actuarial science program in North America

U of T back at Columbia

U of T back at Columbia

Boundless Opportunities

Columbia held another university information session today and was pleased to welcomed back a representative from the University of Toronto (U of T).

The University of Toronto is one of Canada’s most renowned educational institutions. Known for its dynamic learning strategies and research capabilities, U of T attracts the best and brightest students from around the world.

Fast Facts
• Three campuses - downtown Toronto (St. George campus), Mississauga, and Scarborough
• Home to the Rotman School of Management

Parceiros Universitários Visitam o Columbia

1020 Sept.27.2.preview.jpg

Na semana passada, o Columbia recebeu representantes de alguns dos seus Parceiros Universitários® , incluindo o " > University of Ontario Institute of Technology ( UOIT ) e Brock University . Ambas as escolas estavam presentes para atender os futuros alunos e discutir as diversas opções de ensino pós- secundário disponíveis em suas instituições.


A Western visita o Columbia

1015 Sept.24.preview.jpg

Seja extraordinário.

Ontem, representantes da Western University e suas faculdades filiadas visitaram o Columbia. Os alunos participaram de uma sessão de informações no Café para explorar possibilidades de carreiras pós-secundárias na renomada Universidade e aprenderam tudo sobre a escola, desde opções de programas, requisitos de admissão, até ofertas de bolsas de estudo.

Western University
• A melhor experiência estudantil dentre as grandes universidades canadenses

Western University fond of Columbia's University Fair

Western University

Last week Columbia held its annual University Fair and welcomed university representatives from around the country. With a record number of university participants this year, Columbia’s staff were overjoyed by the positive reviews and many thank you notes they received in the days following the fair. Comments from Western University and its colleges were among the first to be received by our UPO staff:

York University Visits Columbia

York University & the Schulich School of Business

York University and its Schulich School of Business visited Columbia yesterday afternoon. Representatives from both institutions held an information session in the Student Café to present students with post-secondary options at York. As Canada’s third largest university, York is recognized for its unique interdisciplinary approach and prides itself on delivering academic excellence.

McMaster University: Inspiring Innovation and Discovery

McMaster University

Columbia students filled the Living Wall Lounge yesterday to attend a presentation for prospective students given by McMaster University. As an institution that “inspires innovation and discovery,” McMaster is known for its intensive research capabilities and is home to 80 Research Centres and Institutes. McMaster’s research excellence spans all of its faculties which include:
• Natural Sciences,
• Engineering,
• Computer Science,
• Science,
• Arts & Science,
• Health Sciences,
• Humanities, and
• Social Sciences.

Waterloo: Ideas Start Here

The University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is an established institution that excels in research, engineering and technology programs. Aside from students with good academic standing, the university looks for passionate individuals to bring forward new and innovative ideas. It has earned the title of “Canada’s most innovative university” for the past 19 years thanks to the university rankings in Macleans magazine. It is distinguished in Canada, and the world, for having;
• the largest Engineering faculty in Canada
• the largest Actuarial Science program in North America

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