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New bike racks installed on campus

New bike rack installed on campus

A small addition has been made to the Ainsliewood building – a new bike rack!

Installed earlier this week, the new bike rack is now located at the front of the Ainsliewood building. The new location is conveniently situated in front of the Campus Safety Office for the safety and convenience of Columbia’s students and staff.

Over the next few weeks, new bike racks will also be installed at the Pine Hall Boys and Pine Hall Girls residences, as well as at the new Cedar campus.

Bicycle safety tips

Heat Advisory in effect

Heat Advisory in effect

A Heat Advisory has been issued for the City of Hamilton as daytime temperatures remain in the low to mid thirties. With the humidex, temperatures can reach forty degrees Celsius making it difficult to spend too much time outdoors.

To reduce your risk of heat-related illness, the City recommends you:
• Drink lots of water
• Wear a hat and lightweight clothing
• Limit physical activity during the day
• Spend time in air-conditioned locations

Sun safety tips

Sun safety tips

As temperatures across the greater Toronto and Hamilton area begin to rise, Columbia wants to ensure that its school community practices safe sun and heat habits.

With rising temperatures and increased humidity, temperatures can reach the high 30’s and the humidity can make outside temperatures feel like 40+ degrees Celsius.

To beat the heat, we want to share some tips (courtesy of Health Canada) with our students and future summer campers to ensure that they are well-prepared for a summer in Ontario.

Tobacco awareness week

Tobacco Awareness Week

Almost 40,000 people in Canada will die this year from smoking. Columbia’s Health Action Team is on a mission to reduce this number by educating their peers on the dangers of smoking and effects of tobacco.

This week, Columbia’s Health Action Team will be in the Living Wall Lounge promoting a smoke-free environment. Along with raising awareness about the health risks associated with smoking, the team will highlight the secrets of the tobacco industry and discourage their peers from using cigarettes.

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Cold weather alert in effect

Cold weather alert in effect

A cold weather alert for the City of Hamilton remains in effect today as temperatures are expected to drop to as low as -20C.

Cold weather alerts are commonly issued during this time of year when temperatures are at or are expected to reach below -15C or -20C with the wind chill.

Students are reminded to dress warm and to cover any exposed skin when going outside.

To ensure that everyone is prepared for the low temperatures and cold fronts that define Canada’s winter season, we want to offer some tips for staying warm this winter.

Sodexo's award winning food safety

Sodexo Scores Top Marks

Columbia would like to congratulate Sodexo, its premier food service provider, for attaining Double Gold in a recent public health and safety audit conducted by NSF.

Flu Clinic

Flu Clinic

It’s that time of year again; time to roll up your sleeves and visit the nurse to prepare for the upcoming flu season.

To minimize the risk of catching or spreading the flu for students and staff, Columbia is holding a free vaccination clinic to protect against the influenza virus. The clinic will run from November 4-8. Please sign up with the Medical Clinic staff in room S126. Students under the age of 18 require parental consent prior to immunization.

The Flu: Signs & Symptoms

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