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A legacy of excellence.

For 38 years, CIC has accelerated student success through our innovative Total Care Education System®. Our students excel academically, and develop strong character for a lifetime of success. We bring peace of mind to thousands of parents worldwide, who trust CIC to keep their children safe and healthy.

Principal’s Welcome

As Principal of Columbia International College, my belief is that in order for your children to be successful as international students, they need to be cared for as if they were at home with you. All my teachers and staff share the same belief.

The need for students to learn in an environment where they are well supported is the chief concern that thousands upon thousands of parents have shared with us over the years. From its beginning in 1979, CIC was built to address this concern.

We wanted to make sure that every international student could study in a fully supported environment of caring: academically, socially, emotionally and physically. We created an approach that would do just that – look after the whole child around the clock.

We call it the Total Care Education System®

It’s a study environment where the academic program, the staff, and the facilities are fully integrated as one – all geared towards helping students achieve success and give parents peace of mind.

After almost 40 years, we are proud of how well our Total Care approach works. Our students are most successful in getting admitted to some of the world’s best universities and receiving admission scholarships. Our consistent proven track record has gained the confidence among parents from over 100 countries.

But most important to me, it’s how the students have achieved success: in a supportive environment, one where they can study in health, safety and happiness, and where their parents can be fully confident that they are being cared for.

Columbia International College can make the difference in how your child can go higher with their future: positively building their character and helping them to be responsible, global citizens. Through this brochure and our website, you can learn more about how Total Care Education System® provides peace of mind for parents and fosters success for students.

If you have any questions about our approach, please reach out to me personally at Principal@cic-TotalCare.com.

Steve Saunders

Total Care Education System®

Unique to Columbia International College, the Total Care Education System® is designed to nurture international students in four areas essential to their growth and success. We pride ourselves on being able to provide round-the-clock support, seven days a week. Parents can rest assured that their child is safe, happy, and therefore able to reach their full potential.


Total Care

Academic Potential

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Total Care

Living Experiences

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Total Care

Character Development

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Total Care

Family Connections

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Caring for Young Students

Our Junior Middle School and specialized programs for young students build on the essential values and skills learnt at home, so students can continue to develop their character and become confident, well-rounded young adults.

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