Amazin' August

Amazing August

Columbia’s staff is hard at work preparing for a new school year.

Tomorrow the school will begin to welcome students from across the world in preparation for the new school year.

New and returning students can look forward to exceptional academic programming and outstanding extracurricular opportunities in new and newly renovated facilities.

To help students and parents prepare, important dates are provided below.

6-14: Registration and Orientation for new students

Summer campers experience Bark Lake

Canoe Trip.JPG

Columbia International College’s summer campers will get to experience one of the school’s most popular and attractive facilities, Bark Lake! Located in the Haliburton Highlands and the Kawartha Lakes, Bark Lake is Columbia’s leadership training centre specializing in team building and character development.

Campers enrolled in the Platinum, Silver or Gold camp programs will visit the pristine grounds of Bark Lake and learn new skills by participating in great activities including:

• High ropes
• Canoeing
• Hiking
• Archery
• Swimming

Important upcoming dates

Students currently enrolled in courses at Columbia are getting ready to end their semester. They will be writing their final exam today and will have a short break before starting a new semester.

Those beginning their studies in August have a few weeks left before the fall semester starts but we would like to remind them of a few important dates:

July 27: Exams for 4-week courses
July 29: 4 week courses end
August 3: Civic Holiday (offices closed)
August 6-14: Registration/orientation for new students



7月27日: 四周課程期末考試
7月29日: 四周課程結束
8月3日: 公民日假日(Civic Day),辦公室放假
8月6 - 14日: 新生入學註冊
8月7日: 返校生改課截止
8月8 – 14日: 入住宿舍
8月17日: 新學期開學

有關選課事項,請與你的學生指導部老師(Guidance Counselor)聯系;其他事項,請與國際聯絡部老師(Liaison Officer)聯系。



7月27日: 四周课程期末考试
7月29日: 四周课程结束
8月3日: 公民日假日(Civic Day),办公室放假
8月6 - 14日: 新生入学注册
8月7日: 返校生改课截止
8月8 – 14日: 入住宿舍
8月17日: 新学期开学

有关选课事项,请与你的学生指导部老师(Guidance Counselor)联系;其他事项,请与国际联络部老师(Liaison Officer)联系。


june grad 2015

世界排名二十強的多倫多大學最近宣布,專為哥倫比亞國際學院畢業生增設“未來領袖入學獎學金” (Future Leaders Admissions Scholarship),每年金額40,000加元。我校與多大建立了“大學聯盟”合作關系,也是其官方認可的全球最大生源。此項特設獎學金是對這一成果的鞏固與促進。

多大入學部主任Ken Withers是在我校今年六月畢業典禮上宣布這一喜訊的。獲得以下專業錄取的畢業生均有機會獲得“未來領袖入學獎學金”:

o 應用科學與工程Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering
o 多大密西沙加校區University of Toronto, Mississauga Campus
o 多大士嘉堡校區University of Toronto, Scarborough Campus
o 羅特曼管理學院Rotman Commerce
o 文理學院,運動機能學,體育,音樂或建築、園藝設計專業Arts and Sciences or Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education OR Faculty of Music OR Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design.


june grad 2015

世界排名二十强的多伦多大学最近宣布,专为哥伦比亚国际学院毕业生增设“未来领袖入学奖学金” (Future Leaders Admissions Scholarship),每年金额40,000加元。我校与多大建立了“大学联盟”合作关系,也是其官方认可的全球最大生源。此项特设奖学金是对这一成果的巩固与促进。

多大入学部主任Ken Withers是在我校今年六月毕业典礼上宣布这一喜讯的。获得以下专业录取的毕业生均有机会获得“未来领袖入学奖学金”:

o 应用科学与工程Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering
o 多大密西沙加校区University of Toronto, Mississauga Campus
o 多大士嘉堡校区University of Toronto, Scarborough Campus
o 罗特曼管理学院Rotman Commerce
o 文理学院,运动机能学,体育,音乐或建筑、园艺设计专业Arts and Sciences or Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education OR Faculty of Music OR Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design.

U of T introduces new scholarships for CIC students

june grad 2015

Recently, the University of Toronto announced its new scholarship program exclusive to Columbia International College students.

As Columbia is the leading feeder school for U of T in the world – meaning more students attend U of T from Columbia than any other school in the world – the scholarship recognizes and rewards the Columbia’s high achieving graduates.

Residence at Columbia

pine girl residence

Columbia International College's five residence buildings provide students with the best care to nurture their personal, academic and social development.


Our safe and comfortable residences have many great features for students to enjoy throughout the year such as:
• indoor swimming pools
• indoor gyms
• lounges
• study areas
• bbq terrace
• and more!

Students who live in residence benefit from our extended care which includes door-to-door bus service from each residence to our academic buildings and evening tutorials by staff tutors.

Sun safety tips

Sun safety tips

As temperatures across the greater Toronto and Hamilton area begin to rise, Columbia wants to ensure that its school community practices safe sun and heat habits.

With rising temperatures and increased humidity, temperatures can reach the high 30’s and the humidity can make outside temperatures feel like 40+ degrees Celsius.

To beat the heat, we want to share some tips (courtesy of Health Canada) with our students and future summer campers to ensure that they are well-prepared for a summer in Ontario.

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